Hi, I'm Lou!

To know me, you probably need to know first up that I have four children. In other words, I'm a little bit nuts, but totally an "all in" kind of girl. Expert multitasker, professional negotiator, creative director of this cruise ship I get to call my family. I'm married to the best high school boyfriend I ever had - and together with our children Sunny, Scout, Cedar and Sparrow we live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

I'm a photographer and artist, working professionally since 2010. In that time I've photographed a ton of wonderful weddings, a million family hugs, a heap of cool collaborations and a handful of first hellos. I don't love small talk, I do love people, and making connections with them. I make a lot of lame jokes, I drink way too much coffee and I never stop trying to see all that is beautiful in the world. I value kindness, vulnerability and a sense of adventure. I'm an excellent friend, a ridiculously good listener and I get excited about the little things, like really excited.  I love it when clients truly let me in to their precious and extraordinary lives,  it's really at that point that we can create something special together.

So let's do this!



Available for commissions wherever you are in the world in 2017.